António Machado PhD graduation

It wouldn’t be the fog and rain, or even a Friday the 13th, that would prevent my former PhD student, António Machado, to complete his doctoral degree, after 4 year of research, divided between Minho University (Braga, Portugal) and Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, USA). António started his work early in 2010, where he first start to develop a novel molecular method aimed to be used as a diagnostic option for early stage bacterial vaginosis (BV) detection. He then moved to Richmond, where he would be co-supervised by professor Kimberly Jefferson. There, he started his first functional studies, involved multiple bacterial species found in BV, where he demonstrated that synergistic interactions would enhance the biofilm formation ability of key bacterial species. He then returned to Portugal where he continued his research project and later, co-supervised by professor Lígia Rodrigues, he open the door to the world of probiotic options against BV infection. I wish the best luck to António in his futures endeavours, and thank him for his contributions to my research group and to the scientific field of BV.

[Photos by Joana Bento]