Joana Bento (2010-2014)


Joana was a PhD student that I co-supervise. She had a MSc in Biomedical Engineering (Minho University, 2009). Her thesis was entitled “Understanding specific SaPI1 Packaging determinants” and was supervised by Gail E. Christie (VCU, Richmond, USA). Joana concluded his PhD in Biomedical Engineering on the 30th of May, 2014.

Joana’s latest paper…

“Sequence determinants for DNA packaging specificity in the S. aureus pathogenicity island SaPI1”, described an in depth molecular characterization aiming to determine the initial packaging cleavage sites for helper phage 80α and for SaPI1, highlight a key process used by SaPIs to accomplish his molecular piracy, by redirecting the helper phage DNA packaging machinery.
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Joana has co-authored chapters in the following books:

book 1Joana has also contributed in the following scientific meetings:

  • EMBO New Approaches and Concepts in Microbiology, 14-16 October 2013, Heidelberg, Germany
  • Annual Meeting Branch American Society for Microbiology 2011, 4-5 November 2011, Blacksburg VA, USA
  • FEMS 2011, 26 -30June 2011, Geneva, Switzerland