Nathalie Lopes (2013-2014)

102 - nathalie lopes

Nathalie had a BSc in Biotechnology (Viana do Castelo Polytechnic Institute, 2011) was a member of the group as a master student, in Molecular Genetics, University of Minho. Her thesis theme was “Quantification of biofilm-associated genes in S. epidermidis biofilms: its impact in biofilm formation and 3D structure”. She defended her thesis on the 10th July 2014, with a grade of 18 out of 20.

Nathalie has contributed in the following scientific meetings:

  • ICAR 2014, 1-3 October 2014, Madrid, Spain
  • 20th International Symposium on Biomedical Science and Technology (BIOMED 2014), 24-27August 2014, Koycegiz, Turkey